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Want List - non-Sport
   Complete Battlestar Galactica
   DC: The Women of Legend
   DC: Legacy
   Justice League 2016
   Marvel Dangerous Divas
   Marvel Greatest Heroes
   Marvel Universe 1990
   Marvel Universe 1993
   Marvel Universe 2014
   Superman: Man of Steel
   The Chronicles of Riddick
   The Big Bang Theory
   The Phantom Gallery
   The Phantom (Comic Images)
   The Return of Superman
   Women of Marvel
   X-Men Series 2 1993
Trade List - non-Sport
   DC: Superman the Legend
   DC: The New 52
   Falling Skies
   Fleer Ultra Batman 1995
   Grimm Season 1
   Marvel Beginnings 2
   Marvel Metal - 1995
   Marvel Universe 2014
   Superman: Man of Steel
   The Big Bang Theory
   The Chronicles of Riddick
   Warehouse 13
   Woolworths Aussie Animals
   X-Men Series 1
   FS/FT - Base Sets & Promos
   FT - Sell Sheets / Flyers
Trade List - Rugby League
   2013 Traders
   2013 Elite
   2014 Traders
   2014 Elite
   2017 Traders
   2017 Xtreme
   FS/FT - NRL Base Sets / Collections
   FS/FT - Sell Sheets / Flyers