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Trading Card Resources

I thought I would share with you a list of all the sites I have found helpful in my 7 years of collecting cards, tazo's, pogs and albums, along with some downloadable content that I have found usefull.

Downloadable content


Select Australia Checklists


1992 NRL Stickers.pdf


1993 NRL Stickers.pdf


1994 NRL Stickers.pdf


2000 Impact.pdf 


2001 Impact.pdf 


2002 Challenge.pdf 


2003 XL.pdf 


2004 Authentic.pdf  





 2005 Tradition.pdf


2005 Power.pdf


2006 Accolade.pdf


2006 Invincible.pdf


2007 Champions.pdf


2007 Invincible.pdf


2008 Champions.pdf



NRL Sell Sheets


2000 Impact Sell Sheet.pdf


2001 Impact Sell Sheet.pdf


2007 Invincible Sell Sheet.pdf 


2008 Centenary Sell Sheet.pdf


2009 Champions Sell Sheet.pdf


2009 Classic Sell Sheet.pdf


2012 Dynasty Sell Sheet.pdf  



Card Catalogue


2005 Card Catalogue.pdf



  Useful websites

      www.footyfunaddicts.com.au                                Warren has the latest NRL, AFL and Cricket cards at the best prices I have found

      www.cardgradingaustralia.com                            Craig from CGA does a wonderful job grading cards

     www.jbadham.biz/Cards/index.htm                        Jen, aka 'tangent' on OCT has great stuff for trade and sale

     www.cherrycollectables.com.au/                           Grayson and the team are always there to help, watch their live breaks every Monday night

      www.nslists.com/jachlist.htm                               Jeff Allenders house of checklists, a wonderful resource

     www.dacardworld.com/                                       Dave & Adams Card World, some of the best prices on the planet and fast shipping to Australia

     www.twscollectibles.com/                                    Tom at TWS Collectibles is a great fella to deal with. very helpful and a highly recommended resource