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Cards in RED are currently in trade



2017 Traders Trading Cards


Pearl Parallels





Faces of the Game


FG15 - Zeb Taia

FG18 - Nate Myles

FG24 - Nathan Ross

FG39 - Joel Thompson

FG44 - Ben Matulino

FG47 - Kyle Lovett


SAS Signature Series - Black


SASB17 - Coen Hess





Puzzle Pieces


PP02 - Bevan French

PP08 - Solomone Kata

PP12 - Cameron Smith

PP47 - Josh Mansour

PP52 - David Nofoaluma


Club Heroes


CH11 - Tom Trbojevic

CH15 - Dane Gagai

CH30 - Nathaniel Roache


Season to Remember


SR02 - Ben Hunt

SR14 - Dale Finucane

SR25 - Jack De Belin

SR29 - Manu Vatuvei